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Carbon Neutral Driving Lessons?

Drive Me Bananas are aware of the damage we are doing to the environment by operating motor vehicles, we make no claim to be carbon neutral and believe that there is no scientific evidence to support carbon offsetting.

Our policy is to use modern fuel efficient vehicles, keeping them fully maintained and efficient at all times.
  • We ensure that our vehicles are serviced correctly to ensure the vehicle is operating efficiently.
  • We routinely check the tyre pressure on all of our vehicles to reduce fuel consumption.
  • We ensure that we do not carry extra weight which could increase fuel consumption.
  • We switch off our engines when parked to avoid wasting fuel.
  • We plan our lessons to avoid congestion as much as possible, stop start traffic wastes fuel.
  • We assign an instructor who lives and works close to you, to minimise dead miles.
  • Where possible we use the best grade fuel available to minimise pollution.
  • We teach eco safe driving techniques and offer this training to experienced drivers.

What can you do to minimise the impact of your driving lessons on the environment?
  • Longer lessons reduce the number of dead miles instructors travel between lessons, if you can do longer lessons then less fuel is used per lesson.
  • Avoid rush hour lessons, take lessons during the day when the roads are quieter, this reduces the amount of fuel you use stopping and moving off again due to traffic queues.
  • Drive efficiently, use higher gears and be gentle with the gas and brake, your instructor will guide you.
  • Ensure you give 24 hours notice if you need to cancel a lesson, it wastes fuel if we come to your house and your not in.

What can we all do to reduce pollution?
  • Walk, short journeys waste fuel as a cold engine is less efficient.
  • Cycle, medium distance journeys can be covered easily on a bike.
  • Buy a modern efficient vehicle when you pass your test. But leave it at home if you don't really need it for that journey.
  • Consider if your journey is necessary and choose the most efficient mode of transport.


Our Business is Driven by our Customers!

"I learned to drive with Lyn. Who was fantastic and put my nerves at ease. I passed my test in October 2009. I just want to thank Lyn for being so good with me and helping my get through my driving test and building up my confidence. You where a star thanks again."
Stacey Andrews  (Passed 3/10/09 Musselburgh MPTC Edinburgh)

"Jonathan, I just wanted to say thanks for everything. You've been brilliant, always so patient with me, and funny - definitely in a different league to other instructors! I don't know who was the most amazed today, you or me. Anyway, thanks again - I'll miss you! Linda" Linda Gargan Duddingston (Passed first time at Musselburgh MPTC Edinburgh 5/10/09 )

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