Bananas Driver Training

Coronavirus (COVID-19):

***** UPDATED *****

29 May 2020

It appears that the DVSA are now conducting key worker tests at Livingston.

If you require C1 or D1 courses we can offer these to you subject to the DVSA accepting your test booking.

If you already have a course booked with us it might be worth getting in touch with us as it is as yet unclear if the test you may already have booked will go ahead or if you need to rebook a test as a key worker? The DVSA have not been forthcoming with much helpful information since March.

Please note we have no control over who the DVSA deem to be a key or critical worker.

If you already have a test booked through ourselves, please contact us first so we can advise the booking reference number of any existing test.

17:25 29/05/20 JS


20 March 2020

DVSA have announced driving tests are suspended for up to 3 months due to coronavirus - but tests are available for critical workers.

If you have an exisiting booking, please check our diary and select a new slot from the available slots. Text Jonathan on 07875769115 with your preferred dates.

19:20 20/03/2020 JS